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Who We Are

My Brother's Keeper Security Solutions, LLC is a family business where Willie and I became the first black couple to start a firearm instruction company and the first black husband and wife Certified USCCA Instructors in Kent County, MI! We are humbled as we come together to serve in ways that fosters training in firearms, personal defense, home defense planning, etc., but also in community togetherness building up "villages".


Rev. Willie Anderson

Willie has over 37 years in security and now is a USCCA Certified Instructor for Concealed Carry, Home Defense, Basic Pistol Instructor, with Security License in the State of Illinois and New York. He is a Real-World Combat System Certified Self Defense Instructor.   


Willie is also Certified as a Minneapolis Police Department Chaplain with Anti-Terrorism Training. He was also an NRA & MN Private Detective & Protective Agent, Protection & Loss Prevention, Certified Basic PPCT Defensive Tactics Training, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home, and is a Certified Baton, Handcuff and OC Training. Willie is a graduate with a BA Theology/Sociology, BS Biblical Counseling/Psychology and a BS in Crisis Management (Clinical Pastoral Education) CPE.

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LaTonya Anderson

LaTonya is now an USCCA Certified Instructor for Concealed Carry, Home Defense and Basic Pistol. She is also in the process of earning a Certification WOMEN’S HANDGUN AND SELF-DEFENSE FUNDAMENTALS.

LaTonya has been crafting her skills in firearms for over a year and has found out more women like her were/are terrified of weapons. Now, she wants to help women and children embrace these tools. In doing this, LaTonya formed My Sista's Keeper Community to foster in and nurture personal and family safety and security in all areas of women lives.

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